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Trust is the basis of any relationship

Buying a car, or cars, long distance is most likely not your regular way of buying a car. In such a transaction, trust, dependability, experience and a longstanding excellent business record are most important. 

How we work

  1. Personal contact

    Start your request bij mail, Whatsap or phone. Together we discuss the details for the perfect result. We are pleased to assist on buying your new car. We can be of service to you as an expat, diplomat, private individual and trader.

  2. Takes care of every detail

    We supply you  detailed information on an custom made Quotation. We can inform you extensively about the tax-free possibilities, and will guide you through the process of your duty-free purchase.

  3. Delivery

    After your confirmed approval we will claim the car at the respective Manufacturer/Supplier and have it ready for your personal pick up or prepare it for direct shipping.

With more than 60 years of experience on diplomat and expat sales Shipside offers you maximum service at competitive prices.

Your brand, your choice

Whether manufactured in Europe, Japan or the U.S.A., under one roof we offer a car for every budget.


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Top 5 Frequently asked questions

You can contact us by mail:, whasApp +31621351735 or telephone +31235543696.

Shipside is Located in Hoofddorp. No more than, just 10 minutes from Amsterdam Airport Shiphol. Our address is Jadelaan 157, 2132XZ Hoofddorp.

Fastest way to receive an quotation is to use our web form by filling in this form we can supply a detailed quotation.

Shipside's tax & duty free prices are set by the respective manufacturers and suppliers. All Manufacturers reserve the right to alter prices as well as equipment during their production cycle without prior notice. Naturally, when you take delivery from stock, and order plus full payment are arranged swiftly, no price increase or otherwise can affect your order in any way.

Shipside has transported and shipped thousands of vehicles worldwide. Roll-on-Roll-off, containerized, even by air, we arrange transportation to practically any destination in the world. Also overland-trailer transport can be arranged. We take care of all details and border crossing documents. We strongly recommend considering adequate (Marine) insurance during the transportation (Shipment). An average fee of 2% will cover you against serious damage.


We provide

Tropical specification cars
Diplomatic car sales
Expat car sales
International car sales
Tax free car sales
Special vehicle car sales
Car exports
Euro import cars
Vehicles for export
Export cars
NGO car sales