Special vehicle car sales

When local dealers don’t have what you need

Can’t find your special vehicle on the local market? Shipside is the true specialist when it comes to special vehicle and car sales. We ship factory-new special vehicles and cars suitable for government agencies, departments and emergency services to any location worldwide.

From ordering till delivery

Shipside is best known for its convenience, service and tax-free prices. We can handle your entire purchase, from ordering till delivery, by mail, phone, fax or e-mail. When it comes to special vehicle and car sales, we take care of every detail. Our unique and comprehensive computer data system offers you on-the-spot information about any make and model. You can choose from Japanese, European and American vehicles at competitive prices.

For financial advantage

For the past 5 decades, Shipside has delivered and shipped more than 62.000 vehicles all over the world. We offer you an extensive vehicle and car sales program and other special offers. Thanks to our business contacts with every manufacturer and supplier imaginable, we have established an unbeatable financial advantage, which in turn enables us to offer you the best prices.