NGO car sales

For NGO car sales

NGO and Diplomatic personnel are often entitled to tax-free cars. When it comes to tax-free car sales for NGO and Diplomatic personnel, Shipside is the unsurpassed dealer in The Netherlands. Select your favorite model from our extensive car sales program and enjoy your NGO and Diplomatic privileges.

Cars for any lifestyle

Shipside offers you convenience, service and the best prices. Our goal is to help you find the best car for your lifestyle. Just inform us what you want, when and where and we deliver a car to your full satisfaction. We guide you throughout the entire process, from ordering till delivery. With our unique and comprehensive computer data system you can find any make or model. We instantly mail, fax or e-mail you the latest information about the vehicle of your choice.

The Shipside advantage

Shipside is a leading company in car sales, not only for NGO and Diplomatic personnel, but also for government agencies en departments. We have more than 50 years of experience in the automotive business and we have gained valuable relationships with every manufacturer and supplier imaginable. Therefore we have established unbeatable financial advantages, which in turn enable us to offer you the best prices.