Diplomatic car sales

Enjoy diplomatic benefits

Are you stationed abroad and do you want to buy a new car? Shipside offers you an extensive diplomatic car sales program. We have more than 50 years of experience in the automotive business and because of that we are the leading specialist in diplomatic car sales. Explore our amazing diplomatic deals and purchase your favorite car at a very attractive price.

Perfect and personalized

Shipside takes pride in the fact that we are able to supply you with any make and model you wish for. Through phone, e-mail and fax you can let us know what you want, when and where. Our car sales team provides you with independent advise on car fitted for your lifestyle. You can also choose to have your car customized. The processing time for a custom-made vehicle is about 8 to 15 weeks. We guide you through the entire diplomatic car sales process, from purchase till delivery.

Shipside’s advantages

We are located in Hoofddorp, less than 5 minutes from Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport. As a professional organization, with experience in diplomatic car sales, we offer you:

  • Tax-free prices;
  • Shipment to your desired port;
  • Local specifications factory installed;
  • Extensive choice of cars.